Better measurement, flexible branding options, plus faster, easier set up.

Have you heard about the new Roobrik widget? Our product and development teams have been working hard to bring clients this new, improved option for setting up or expanding their Roobrik platform engagement. Now with just a snippet of code that we provide you can add the Roobrik assessment tool to any page or website in a snap.

Here’s a glimpse about what we’re so excited about:

Improved measurement and reporting ROI

  • Page loads are tracked on all pages where widget is used as a more accurate starting point for utilization of the assessment.
  • Website placement tracking is handled on our end, removing the burden of website tracking parameter implementation for clients.

Easier, faster implementation and launch

  • A single code snippet can be used for all web properties for a single client, across all pages of all community websites. (Note: multiple code snippets would be needed if design and copy are unique to each community.)
  • Design is customized to match your look and feel on our end so no need to involve an agency.

Flexible branding options

  • Design is customized to match your look and feel — colors and fonts. And, the fully responsive design of the widget supports all devices and screen sizes.
  • Design and CTA copy can be easily modified or updated by Roobrik upon request.

Are you an existing client that wants to give it a try or add new communities? Just let your account manager or know.

Interested in exploring Roobrik for your senior living community? You can set up a time directly on Evan’s calendar here and he can fill you in on how quickly and easily we can get you set up.