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Roobrik Now Reaches the ‘Hidden Audience’ for Memory Care

Introducing the “Is it the right time for memory care?” Insight Tool

According to the Alzheimer’s Association 2023 Facts and Figures report, caregivers helping people living with dementia experience significant emotional and physical impacts that lead them to explore residential

care settings for their loved ones. However, knowing when to make a change is difficult, and many families remain stuck in “research mode,” looking for answers but not moving forward.

At Roobrik we understand that helping caregivers make a care change at the right time is critical not only for the safety of the older adult, but also to reduce the impact of stress on the caregiver and create a smooth transition. To support this transition, we are pleased to announce the release of a new assessment.

“Is it the Right Time for Memory Care?”

As those in the senior living industry know, dementia presents a unique set of challenges for both families and providers. The prospective resident needs a specialized approach to care and families often face a wide range of complicated emotions from fear to guilt to uncertainty and more — all of which can negatively impact the care transition.

Designed for the family members of people living with dementia, the “Is it the right time for memory care?” tool guides caregivers through 22 questions designed to help them understand their loved one’s readiness for memory care. The questions address care needs, safety concerns such as wandering, and difficult symptoms such as communication challenges.

The questions and prompts are arranged to gently guide each person forward, carefully considering things like: “Have you noticed changes in behavior?”, “How is the person handling decision making?” and “Why do you think it’s time to consider memory care?”. In total, this flow helps determine the prospective resident’s readiness for memory care, as well as the caregiver’s feelings about this challenging transition.

Bridging the Gap for a Supportive Sales Process

After someone completes “Is it the right time for memory care?” they can choose to be contacted by an advisor to learn more about options that would best support the family member with memory concerns. When that happens, a sales advisor receives a notification email with a summary of the family’s situation as well as a link to the full report.

And while all of our Insight Tools are ideally suited to engage prospective families on community websites, they can all also be used in email campaigns or other one-to-one communications.

“Is it the right time for memory care?” engages and informs families impacted by dementia who are researching next steps. The Insight Report helps them understand their situation and move forward so that individuals receive the care they need, when they need it. And of course, for a provider’s sales team, the reports have insights that can initiate and support a smooth transition.

You can take “Is it the right time for memory care?” yourself here. Or if you’d prefer a live demo, you can schedule one here.