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Marketing Use Cases

Meaningful touchpoints across the funnel.

Flexibility is Built In

While Roobrik was designed to help otherwise anonymous web visitors opt in to talk to a community representative, over the years we’ve come to see the many other ways Roobrik can support marketing and sales beyond a branded site.

Depending on your goals — brand building, lead generation, or lead nurturing — we can help you structure a channel strategy that maximizes your Roobrik investment. And, of course, whether you’re after clicks, conversions, or simply brand affinity, we’ll help you measure success.

We’re seeing more results every month from Roobrik and lots of new leads coming in. In fact, one community had three move-ins in the last four months from an initial inquiry from Roobrik.”

Kate Sammler
Vice President Corporate Operations
Vantage Point Retirement Living

Multiple Marketing Use Cases

Use Roobrik Surveys Across Your Sales and Marketing Funnel.

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Digital Channels

The Insight Tool performs best on your website and our Client Success team will work with you to find the perfect placements and calls to action. You can also use the Insight Tool in nurturing or re-engagement emails or to enrich PPC and social campaigns to help families that are overwhelmed by choice. 

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Content Strategy

Create engaging, targeted blog posts and newsletters by incorporating data insights from your monthly reports. Noticing a trend toward safety concerns? Detail how you overcome those challenges. Seeing an uptick in families worried about the cost? Your data helps create content that’s transparent and reassuring.

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Traditional Media

We designed Roobrik to help older adults and their families think through complex care and living situations. To reinforce your brand and provide a service to your community, consider offering the tool in print and direct mail. And try using Roobrik in person to help families align and think through their choices.

What Can You Do With Roobrik?

Increase Engagement and Empower Self-Education

Increase your web leads by 20-40% when you add Roobrik Surveys to your site. Our surveys engage your hidden audience, helps them understand their situation better, and make confident choices sooner.
  • Enrich email campaigns to nurture prospects and reactivate cold leads.
  • Educate your market and help families learn, align, and move forward.

Have Better Conversations That Convert Faster

Roobrik Surveys use motivational interviewing to turn otherwise invisible website visitors into informed, empowered, ready-to-talk prospects. Whether it’s the first visit or the fifth, Roobrik Surveys have the power to enrich every conversation.
  • Build your brand with relevant content based on real data.
  • Get incremental web leads — 20-40% more.

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