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About Roobrik

Converting researchers to residents.

We’re on a Mission

Roobrik was founded with 2 missions. First, to give more and better days to older adults and their families. And second, to help the organizations that care for them grow.
We understand that the journey to choosing a senior living community is both complex and personal for potential residents and their families. Roobrik digital experiences are designed to help these people think through their options with compassion and in a profoundly helpful way.

Drive 20-40% More Web Leads

Roobrik’s proprietary, science-based lead conversion and enablement solution impacts your bottom line by tapping into your website’s hidden audience. Roobrik leads convert to move-in at higher rates than other web leads.

Meet Consumers Where They Are

Roobrik collects over 20-key data points about prospects to enable more meaningful and effective conversations with sales. This comprehensive solution works with providers across the full continuum of senior living care types.

Roobrik by the Numbers


of leading providers


of communities

Tens of Thousands

of families helped every month

Meet Team Roobrik

Kim Armstrong

Sr. Client Success Manager

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Govind Bisht

Software Engineer

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Jessica Bloch-Schulman


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Tim Boeshaar

Dir. Service Delivery

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Julianna Cybrynski

Sales Associate

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Evan Friedkin

Head of Business Development

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Carol Gathembe

QA Engineer

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Melinda Gisbert

Client Success Manager

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Dawn Guttman

Sr. Product Manager

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Mitch Hatten

Sr. Implementation Specialist

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Haley Havens

Implementation Specialist

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Laurel McLaughlin

Client Success Manager

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Nate O’Keefe


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Luke Pastore

Sales Manager

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Jay Pedro

Software Engineer

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Michael Purcell


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Anand Raman


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Kellie Rash

Sr. Product Manager

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Ashish Sharma

Software Engineer

Craig Simons

Craig Simons

Head of Marketing

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Amarendra Kumar Singh

Sr. Technical Architect

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Shwetanshu Kumar Tiwari

Software Engineer

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Jonathan Vizcuña

Sr. Designer

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Shelly Weitz


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Our Advisors


Judy Conaway

Co-founder / Caregiver

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mary lee

MaryLee Chamberlin, OT

Clinical Specialist

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Geri Baumblatt

Principal, Articulations Consulting

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David R. Rubinow, MD

Chair, Department of Psychiatry
UNC Chapel Hill

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Robert Crowe


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Some team building at Urban Axes during our All Hands meetup in Durham, NC.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for colleagues that are empathetic, enthusiastic, and full of energy to serve older adults and their families.

Trusted by Leading Providers

Roobrik is proud to partner with these senior living providers to optimize their prospect journeys and conversion rates.

Roobrik Solutions

Roobrik Surveys

Roobrik Surveys

Don’t Let Your Hidden Audience Bounce
Engage the growing segment of your web traffic that is not yet ready to talk to sales. The surveys use motivational interviewing to help prospects feel more prepared to move forward in their buyer journey.

Convert More SQLs
The surveys motivate as they educate, driving more prospects to become sales opt-ins. At the same time, they perform invaluable discovery for your sales team.

Roobrik Afford

Roobrik Afford

Predict Financial Readiness Without a Calculator. Prioritize Leads.
Demystify the financial evaluation process for prospects without asking for a single number. Each prospect is assigned a level of financial readiness that sales teams use to prioritize effort.

Utilize Anywhere in Your Funnel
Our most versatile survey makes a great top-of-funnel value-add touchpoint, while at the same time works deeper in the funnel by driving SQLs and supporting lead prioritization.

What they say

Fairview Senior Living
Amanda Mahan
Amanda Warren
Cindy Sorgea
Colleen Pitrone

We love working with Roobrik, and we are always preaching about how worth it the tool is! The leads we get are always qualified.

Fairview Senior Living

Increases prospect engagement, we find people returning to it again and again, sometimes adult children and parents alike will spend time on Roobrik.

Amanda Mahan Director of Marketing, Still Hopes

We've been using Roobrik for several years now, and love the additional options available for consumers to engage.

Amanda Warren Vice President of Marketing, Merrill Gardens

From the beginning, the customer service has been outstanding, and the product has been instrumental in generating new leads and facilitating move-ins. Our sales teams are very appreciative of the insights gained from the assessment.

Cindy Sorgea Provision Living

Since the start of using Roobrk on our website, we have found that our online form submissions mostly come via the Roobrik tools. The prospect information is clear and concise and having it merged into our CRM is key. I appreciate the monthly reports too!

Colleen Pitrone Director of Sales, Randall Residence

Trusted by Leading Senior Living Marketing Agencies