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Amplify digital marketing and empower sales conversations.

Insight Tool + Insight Report

Two halves that deliver a whole lot of value.


Asking the Right Questions

For prospects, the Insight Tool feels like a friendly, customized survey or quiz. Easily integrating into your website, each tool is designed to engage anonymous web visitors and empower them to move forward.


Giving Personalized Answers

Every time someone uses the Insight Tool, the platform generates a custom Insight Report — a first-person narrative packed with key information for the prospect and your sales team.

Every Site Visitor Benefits from Roobrik

Activate the Hidden Market (These prospects are stuck!)

Our data shows that a large percentage of your web visitors are so overwhelmed trying to figure out the next steps, they simply remain “hidden” on your website, reluctant to connect. Roobrik Insight Solutions reaches that audience, resulting in 20-40% more leads.

Motivate Prospects who are Actively Shopping

For older adults and families taking an active role in researching lifestyle and living options, Roobrik Insight Solutions enrich your content marketing efforts and expand your self-service educational tools. A deeper understanding of their situation can motivate action.

Validate Prospects who are Ready to Move

Sudden changes and growing care needs can trigger an immediate need for a shift in living arrangements. Whether this audience is already aware of your community or has simply found you online, engaging with the Roobrik Insight Tool can validate their concerns.

Motivational Interviewing Sets Us Apart

The Insight Tool out-performs traditional surveys, chat bots, and contact forms thanks to motivational interviewing. This person-centered strategy helps people navigate change and gain confidence in their decisions.

Meet Prospects Where They Are

Getting started with the Roobrik Insight Tool is as easy as adding a single line of code to your website.

  • Your colors and logo maintain brand consistency.
  • Motivational interviewing techniques elicit key information.
  • Reassuring tool tips build trust and decrease drop off.

Start Better Conversations

The Roobrik Insight Report delivers key insights so your sales team can start off on the right foot.

  • Detailed prospect profiles help your sales team.
  • Lead notifications deliver key insights instantly. 
  • CRM integrations ensure trackable ROI.

We Integrate with the Best in the Business

Whether it’s collaborating with your agency or funneling leads into your marketing automation and CRM platforms, we’re built to optimize your efforts without any effort. Plus, we’re HIPAA compliant!