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Solutions Overview

Optimize the senior living buyer journey.

How Roobrik Works

Converting Researchers to Residents


Engage Your Audience

The innovative Roobrik system starts by engaging the hidden audience on your community website. Many visitors are researching options but aren’t ready to engage directly with sales or book a tour. Roobrik turns passive browsers to active prospects.


Empower Your Prospects with Roobrik Surveys

Roobrik engages prospects with unique digital experiences designed to educate and motivate buyers through a journey of discovery, helping them understand their needs and preferences. Based on responses, we provide personalized recommendations, offering a clearer understanding of their senior living options.


Enable Your Sales Team with Prospect Insights

Our platform empowers your sales team with rich prospect profiles that include over 20 key data points about each prospect’s care needs, living situation, family dynamics, and readiness. These insights enable sales to meet prospects exactly where they are.

Roobrik Optimizes Conversion at Each Stage of the Prospect Journey

Engage the Growing Hidden Audience

A large percentage of your web visitors are so overwhelmed trying to figure out next steps, they simply remain “hidden” on your website, reluctant to connect and often bouncing. Roobrik reaches that growing segment of your audience not yet ready to talk to sales, resulting in 20-40% more web leads.

Motivate Prospects who are Actively Shopping

For older adults and families taking an active role in researching lifestyle and living options, Roobrik enriches your content marketing efforts and expands your self-service educational tools. A deeper understanding of their situation can motivate action.

Validate Prospects who are Ready to Move

Sudden changes and growing care needs can trigger an immediate need for a shift in living arrangements. Whether this audience is already aware of your community or has simply found you online, engaging with the Roobrik Surveys can validate their concerns.

Motivational Interviewing Sets Us Apart

Rooted in decision science, our motivational interview technique helps buyers navigate change and gain confidence in a next step.

Introducing Roobrik Afford

Predict financial readiness without a calculator.

Roobrik Afford

Simplifies Intimidating Financial Evaluation Process

The Afford survey guides prospects through the most important factors for senior living affordability:

  • Current Finances: Offers a snapshot of a prospect’s financial health and identifies potential obstacles.
  • Senior Living Costs: Outlines typical expenses associated with senior living.
  • Payment Options: Explores various methods to finance senior living.
  • And much more.

No Numbers, Conversational Approach

Examine financial readiness without asking for a single number.

  • No sensitive financial information required.
  • Engage prospects with a conversational approach to a sensitive topic.
  • Adult children can assess a parent’s financial readiness without access to financial details.

Our Most Versatile Survey

Makes a strong top-of-funnel touchpoint while driving sales-ready leads and supporting lead prioritization.

  • Prioritize leads based on three levels of financial readiness to save your sellers time.
  • Enable sellers to take the right approach with the right effort.
  • Educates less qualified prospects and validates more qualified ones.

Integrations with the Best in the Business

Whether it’s collaborating with your agency or funneling leads into your marketing automation and CRM platforms, we’re built to optimize your efforts without any effort. Plus, we’re HIPAA compliant!

Check out our versatile offerings: whether you seek a tailored middleware solution or wish to create a new integration on demand, we’ve got you covered.

Simple Per Community Pricing

At Roobrik, we believe in straightforward, clear per-community pricing that reflects the value and impact our solutions bring to your senior living communities. There are never any fees of any kind.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited use of eight Roobrik Surveys, including new Afford survey
  • CRM and MAP integrations
  • Custom branding & lead notifications
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Dedicated client support
$250/month per community
$200/month per community
Enterprise packages available for large providers. Please contact our sales team.
Brightview Senior Living Case Study

Roobrik Lifts Web Leads 33% for Brightview Senior Living in 2023

Better Conversations Start with Roobrik

Meet Prospects Where They Are

Getting started with the Roobrik is as easy as adding a single line of code to your website.

  • Your colors and logo maintain brand consistency.
  • Motivational interviewing techniques elicit key information.
  • Reassuring tool tips build trust and decrease drop off.

Key Data Points to Connect Faster

Roobrik delivers key insights so your sales team can start off on the right foot.

  • Detailed prospect profiles help your sales team.
  • Lead notifications deliver key insights instantly. 
  • CRM integrations ensure trackable ROI.

Trusted by Leading Providers

Roobrik is proud to partner with these senior living providers to optimize their prospect journeys and conversion rates.

What they say

Fairview Senior Living
Amanda Mahan
Amanda Warren
Cindy Sorgea
Colleen Pitrone

We love working with Roobrik, and we are always preaching about how worth it the tool is! The leads we get are always qualified.

Fairview Senior Living

Increases prospect engagement, we find people returning to it again and again, sometimes adult children and parents alike will spend time on Roobrik.

Amanda Mahan Director of Marketing, Still Hopes

We've been using Roobrik for several years now, and love the additional options available for consumers to engage.

Amanda Warren Vice President of Marketing, Merrill Gardens

From the beginning, the customer service has been outstanding, and the product has been instrumental in generating new leads and facilitating move-ins. Our sales teams are very appreciative of the insights gained from the assessment.

Cindy Sorgea Provision Living

Since the start of using Roobrk on our website, we have found that our online form submissions mostly come via the Roobrik tools. The prospect information is clear and concise and having it merged into our CRM is key. I appreciate the monthly reports too!

Colleen Pitrone Director of Sales, Randall Residence

Trusted by Leading Senior Living Marketing Agencies