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The Roobrik Report 2023: Senior Living’s ‘Hidden Market’

Data from 41,000+ completed consumer assessments reveals key insights about senior living’s younger-than-expected prospect pool. 

Visitors come to senior living websites for a variety of reasons, but true prospects fall into two categories: Those that have immediate need and are motivated to get in touch right away and a “hidden audience” that’s doing research to help them move forward with confidence.

Understanding that “hidden audience” — and providing digital access to information and self-education tools — can help senior living marketing and sales convert more anonymous web browsers into sales-qualified leads.

Roobrik data shows that a majority of this audience is older adults researching for themselves — and they’re younger than many providers may realize. The data also reveals key motivators and barriers to moving forward. Adjusting content to those concerns and barriers can maximize the impact of marketing outreach.

Download your copy here.