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Is the “focusing illusion” causing your prospects to delay a decision?

According to Roobrik Market Insights data, one of the primary reasons prospects delay a decision is because they “are unsure what life in a senior living community is like.” This uncertainty is often heightened by the focusing illusion — when you focus on one aspect of a decision or situation while ignoring others.

In the case of a leisure purchase, like a hot tub, your focusing illusion may be on a perfect evening with a glass of wine and family or friends. Meanwhile you are ignoring the maintenance, and what happens when the novelty wears off.

In the case of a senior living decision, you may focus on fear of change, or things you’ve heard from others or seen in the media, while overlooking the benefits of community living as your abilities and interest change.

This was the theme of a recent talk by Nate O’Keefe, CEO and founder of Roobrik, as part of Linked Senior’s webinar series. When older adults and families consider senior living options, Nate explained, they often need help trying to picture day-to-day life — everything from activities to socialization to care needs.

What is that picture? Nate shared consumer insights about preconceptions and concerns based on data from thousands of completed Roobrik assessments. He was joined by Melissa Dillon, Corporate Director of Memory Care at Senior Resource Group, who was able to give “boots on the ground” feedback about the realities of resident life.

As webinar attendees discovered, researchers’ preconceptions don’t always match with senior living reality. Watch the full discussion here to what the data reveals about prospect preconceptions and Melissa’s take on senior living resident reality.


Melissa Dillon, Senior Resource Group, and Nate O’Keefe, Roobrik discuss the gap between prospect preconceptions and resident reality.