So you’ve added one or more Roobrik assessments to your community websites — what’s next? What else can you do to help more people and get a greater return on investment? We consulted with Dana Compagnone who heads up Client Success, and she had a few suggestions.

While most potential leads who are ready to connect will call, chat, or fill out your online “Contact Us” form, Roobrik reveals incremental leads by helping those visitors that are uncertain about next steps gain clarity and choose to reach out.

#1. The number one thing we recommend to our clients is to focus on driving owned traffic to their websites. We recently analyzed referral traffic to the Roobrik assessment from our 800+ client communities and the data showed that although the assessment can be a successful part of other tactics, 85% of leads during the last 13 months came directly from our clients’ websites.

#2. That’s not to say you shouldn’t drive paid traffic to Roobrik landing pages via online channels – paid search, display, paid social, etc. – as paid traffic boosts digital leads, including incremental Roobrik leads. Our data shows for Roobrik, paid search converts at a much higher rate than paid social — 11% vs 2%. We recommend when you include Roobrik in your paid campaigns, prioritize search campaigns over social.

#3. If you’re like most senior living communities we work with, you may have a database of interested older adults and family members who you email on a regular basis. Offering the Roobrik assessment in 1:1 emails, mass e-blasts or as part of a drip or nurturing campaign is a helpful way to advance or re-engage cold leads.

#4. Roobrik should also be considered as part of your sales toolbox; one that can be leveraged in either the discovery process, in advance of tours for non-Roobrik leads, and as an offering to leads who have disengaged. For example, consider leveraging the tool to help get families who aren’t on the same page to advance through their sales journey.

#5. To further reinforce your brand and provide a service to your community, consider offering the tool in offline media. Including a QR code or vanity URL in materials like brochures and sales collateral. Some clients have even linked to Roobrik in their email signatures.

If you wish to leverage Roobrik in any of these additional channels, and have questions, please reach out to your Client Success team. We’ll be happy to discuss and give you specific links to use that will help you measure the impact of these individual channels.