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Case Study: Commonwealth Senior Living

We asked Erika Gennari, the Director of Marketing at Commonwealth Senior Living, to share how they’re using the Roobrik Engagement Platform to connect with older adults and their families and help them plan their own way forward.

Q: Tell us about Commonwealth and your approach to digital marketing and lead generation.

Commonwealth Senior Living is a for profit organization serving seniors in 22 communities across Virginia. Our communities provide independent living apartments, assisted living suites, and memory care neighborhoods for just over 1500 seniors on a rental basis.

As the Director of Marketing, I am responsible for driving leads to the Sales and Marketing Directors at each community. We do that through a mix of traditional advertising, social media, public relations, and digital targeting. Over the last year, we’ve really focused on our ROI when it comes to both the traditional and digital investments. We found we can drive far more leads to our communities through digital spend than traditional. Now our focus is on improving the quality of those leads and conversion rates.

Q: When you heard about Roobrik, what in particular made you take notice?

We know families agonize over questions like, “When is the right time to move Mom or Dad? Are they safe staying at home? What kind of care do they need?”

When families speak with someone at a community, especially a salesperson, they may have their guard up. Having the opportunity to answer questions like “do you think they are taking their medication regularly” in the privacy of their own home when they have the time and focus to self-reflect on their deepest concerns allows them to come to terms with the situation and create a safe space where they can come to the conclusion that they do need help on their own without feeling like they may have been pushed into it.

I like the idea that families can have these conversations on their own and build a comfort level with the idea before coming to us.

Q: How have you used the assessment tool? Only on your website or in other channels?

We have added it to all of our community pages as well as our blog. We’ve made it accessible through an eblast which a few communities have tried. We’ve also promoted it through a Facebook ad. This spring, it will be mentioned in a radio ad.

Q: What kind of results are you seeing?

At first we tried it out in only a few communities. And, encouraged by those early results — we had three move ins within the first three months — we’ve recently added it to all of the communities. It may take a bit of time for all of our sales and marketing directors to get into the habit of reading every report and following up with a personalized note and call. But I’m optimistic that positive results will continue.

Q: If you haven’t already mentioned it, how does Roobrik fit in with the Commonwealth brand?

Our Noble Selling Purpose is to improve the lives of seniors, their families, and each other. I think Roobrik fulfills that promise of improving the lives of seniors and their families by providing them with unbiased information which will help them find the right support for their family. Of course, we hope that perfect fit will be with us, but ultimately, the greater importance is that they learn what they need to get the support that is right for their family. In that way, it is an immediate success.

Watch this short video to hear more from Erika first hand.