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You have a lot more prospects than you think

Earlier this year, we made a bold statement with our customer letter, Option of First Resort. We predicted that the senior industry can expand, not just recover, by activating an entire category of customers that is delaying their decision. This is an audience we all know: friends “thinking about downsizing one of these days;” families waiting nervously for a health scare or a fall; colleagues struggling to manage complex care situations while working a full-time job. They are uncertain. They need more information. They feel “stuck.”

Today we will illustrate two key points:

1. This audience is A LOT bigger than you think.
2. This audience is A LOT more ready to move than you think.

How do we know? We’ve been providing online decision support tools for older adults and families for over 5 years. We are used by many of the largest providers in the country – the data we share here comes from more than 60 providers, 700 communities, and more than 80,000 prospects and families.

1. This audience is A LOT bigger than you think.

Our data demonstrates that 20-40% (!) of potential leads on senior living websites delay moving forward unless they have decision support from a tool like Roobrik. A provider getting 100 website leads per month without Roobrik consistently gets 120-140 leads after adding Roobrik.

Furthermore, to demonstrate that Roobrik leads are not leads providers “would have gotten anyway,” Roobrik recently completed a series of national A/B tests comparing high-performing pages that included a Roobrik call to action to those without that CTA. Roobrik not only produced more leads, but pages with Roobrik saw more prospects filling out existing client contact forms.

2. This audience is A LOT more ready to move than you think.

A large East Coast client recently analyzed sales cycles for all lead sources in 2020 and found that Roobrik leads actually move in 17% faster than leads filling out website contact forms. In addition, seventy-five percent of prospects and families using Roobrik on senior living websites say that, in their gut, senior living is their first choice. This is very consistent across more than 60 providers. These visitors are actively researching senior living, they know it’s the right choice, they just need the right experience to act.



This data and these experiences have been consistent across Roobrik clients. Every new provider that starts using Roobrik uncovers the same results. What if every prospect and family who wasn’t sure, or needed help, could get it? What if they found decision support tools on every provider’s website? What if they found them when they were researching dementia, or driving safety? What if it became a standard process, like a Medicare assessment, when you turn 65? These are the ideas that we are working on now. Not because we think senior living is right for everybody, but because when everybody knows about what senior living offers, more people will see it as their option of first resort.