We set out this year to “raise all ships.” The idea was simple: by empowering older adults and their families to self-educate and make confident choices sooner, we would also help the industry grow and thrive. We gave ourselves a goal to double our impact, and I’m proud to say we’ve met that goal and then some. We are twice the size we were on January 1st of this year. We will finish this year serving 100 senior living partners and 1,000 communities, with six more Roobrik team members. Today, a consumer completes a Roobrik assessment every six minutes, hundreds each day.

We serve many audiences, and we are grateful for each of them. But here I want to share my gratitude for the three who are always on my mind.

First, for our senior living partners. You have perhaps the most difficult job in all of sales and marketing and the last 18 months have only made it harder. Yet, regardless of size, location, or background, you speak first of service, always. You have chosen a path of service and you bring your talents, your creativity, and your resilience to each and every day. We pledge to be your best partners, with technology that does amazing things (and keeps getting better), and with people that, like you, find joy and meaning in service.

Second, for our team. Your talents give you many options, and you have chosen Roobrik. Your technical abilities, empathy for all people, and optimism that we can make the hardest parts of life meaningfully better are the fuel that drives this company.

Finally, for the millions of people navigating the challenges of getting older, we are grateful for your trust and your frank feedback. You carry, at times, a heavy burden, and uncertainty and guilt shouldn’t add to that load. We believe that personalized education, support, and guidance should be available at no cost to all, and we are building every day to make that possible.

May you all enjoy the holiday season in good health, with optimism for a bright 2022.

Nate O’Keefe / CEO
Roobrik, Inc.