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Optimize the prospect journey.

The platform for senior living providers that optimizes conversion at every stage to maximize move-ins.

Enabling better sales
conversations for thousands
of senior living communities.

How Roobrik Works

3Es Conversion Optimization: Engage, Empower, Enable

Site Visitor


Engages Your Audience

Engage a growing segment of prospects that prefer not to talk to sales yet. Calls-to-action aimed at your website’s “hidden audience” typically drive a 20-40% increase in web leads.

Engaged Visitor


Empowers Your Prospects

Popular with senior living prospects, Roobrik Surveys utilize a motivational interview technique to educate prospects and boost their confidence in taking a next step.

Empowered Prospect


Enables Your Sales Team

Community sales teams receive 20+ useful insights with each Roobrik lead detailing prospects’ readiness for a change, care needs, living situation, family dynamics, and more.

Enables Sales Advisor

Roobrik Solutions

Roobrik Surveys

Roobrik Surveys

Don’t Let Your Hidden Audience Bounce
Engage the growing segment of your web traffic that is not yet ready to talk to sales. The surveys use motivational interviewing to help prospects feel more prepared to move forward in their buyer journey.

Convert More SQLs
The surveys motivate as they educate, driving more prospects to become sales opt-ins. At the same time, they perform invaluable discovery for your sales team.

Roobrik Afford

Roobrik Afford

Predict Financial Readiness Without a Calculator. Prioritize Leads.
Demystify the financial evaluation process for prospects without asking for a single number. Each prospect is assigned a level of financial readiness that sales teams use to prioritize effort.

Utilize Anywhere in Your Funnel
Our most versatile survey makes a great top-of-funnel value-add touchpoint, while at the same time works deeper in the funnel by driving SQLs and supporting lead prioritization.

Roobrik by the Numbers

The ability to review over 20 key data points on prospects enables sales to connect more meaningfully and move forward faster.


increase in quality web leads

up to 2x

better SQL to Move-in rate vs other web leads

Shared by Clients Recently

Such a valuable asset — not only to us, but i think to prospects to better understand their needs

I would love to have a day where all of our prospects are taking the assessment. It just gives so many great talking points for our sales directors or our call center to have a really great conversation… There’s a ton of value.

Mike Thompson Jr.
Marketing, Brightview Senior Living

What’s great about it is that it enables my sales teams to have much more robust conversations with prospects because they can see all of the data Roobrik gathers right there in the contact record.

Thomas Cloutier
CMO, Arete Living

Roobrik provides me with a map to creating the best experience from the first phone call. I have a picture of their hobbies and interests and who they are a person. I can see them before I even speak with them on the phone.

Knowing how to start them on their journey of research from what care level to begin the discussion with to what amenities to highlight based on their interests makes a big difference in my first touch base.

Nicole Pretre
President & CEO, Cedar Community

Trusted by Leading Providers

Roobrik is proud to partner with these senior living providers to optimize their prospect journeys and conversion rates.

Brightview Senior Living Case Study

Roobrik Lifts Web Leads 33% for Brightview Senior Living in 2023

Solutions For All Care Types

For Active Adult, CCRC, Life Plan Communities, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.


Active Adult

Build trust by helping active adults 55+ make smart choices and rightsize their lifestyle.


Senior Living

Help families move forward by illuminating the options that match their unique needs.

better conversations with Roobrik

Better Conversations

Roobrik’s 20-plus data points on prospects give sellers the key information they need to meet prospects where they are and have conversations that convert.

News & Blog

  • [Nov 2023] Senior Housing News: The burden on caregivers for those with dementia can be an extremely tough and an emotional weight, with the search for answers to what comes next is an important area in which senior living operators could do more to bring in new residents. Accessing memory care services is important in the

  • [Aug 2023] Data from 41,000+ completed consumer assessments reveals key insights about senior living's younger-than-expected prospect pool. Roobrik data shows that a majority of this audience is older adults researching for themselves — and they’re younger than many providers may realize. The data also reveals key motivators and barriers to moving forward. Adjusting content to those

  • [May 2023] Introducing the “Is it the right time for memory care?” Insight Tool According to the Alzheimer’s Association 2023 Facts and Figures report, caregivers helping people living with dementia experience significant emotional and physical impacts that lead them to explore residential care settings for their loved ones. However, knowing when to make a change is difficult,

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