2021 has been a time of rapid growth for Roobrik — new clients, new products, and new faces on our team. As we’ve worked to make Roobrik a standard in the industry — a must-have for educating and motivating prospects to move forward — we’ve learned that we need more smart folks to help tell our story. Below we’d like to introduce you to Jeff Gronemeyer who, through his years of service in senior living, is a familiar face to many of you already.

We all know that people serving the senior living community are unique — mission driven, empathetic, and hard-working. That’s true from the CNAs on your staff to the sales directors at your communities. And that’s a big reason why, when we looked to expand Roobrik’s business development roster, we knew that we needed someone that truly understood our prospective clients. Enter Jeff Gronemeyer — a 15-year veteran of senior living sales and sales training.

While Jeff has worked professionally in sales and marketing since he graduated from Saint Louis University, he’s focused that training on the senior living field since 2006. Not only has he worked as a community sales director during those years — gaining invaluable insights into the journey that older adults and their families take — he’s also spent the latter part of his career coaching and training other sales teams.

“I’ve learned that senior living sales is a bit of an enigma,” says Jeff. “Owners and leadership often come from many different backgrounds and historically we have incorporated the processes of adjacent industries like real estate, hospitality, and healthcare to build our sales organizations. This has resulted in strategies and tactics not always well aligned with the specific needs of the senior living customer while also creating obstacles and inefficiencies for the selling teams tasked with building occupancy.”

Instead, Jeff explains, senior living sales needs to better understand each individual’s needs and align conversations with these key points to build trust and help move people forward.

“With Roobrik I want to help us grow into the premier provider of insights for families considering senior living. For years I’ve recognized the need to connect to those people that are truly stuck — confused about options, overwhelmed by choices, and paralyzed in the end by a lack of confidence in their decision making. That’s where Roobrik really helps.”

We couldn’t agree more and are thrilled to have Jeff’s expertise and experience on our team. That experience includes living and working in multiple states as well as a stint living in China and supporting 26 senior living sales teams there.

On a more personal note, Jeff admits that he’s done some “very amateur” stand-up comedy which (may) include the amusement that his wife, three children, and friends get from his overuse of analogies when he explains things.

Please take the time to welcome Jeff to the Roobrik team by email (jeff.gronemeyer@roobrik.com), or chat with him on LinkedIn. Jeff will be happy to share his insights on how prospects in senior living think, make difficult decisions, develop trust, and move forward. He’ll also be happy to tell you just why he made the leap to Roobrik, demonstrating how our science-based approach to decision making helps families struggling with next steps, get unstuck and engaged.