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Your audience is changing. Roobrik helps you understand how.

More than One Million People Helped

We know more about how families make senior living decisions than anyone.

Every four minutes, an older adult or family member uses a Roobrik Insight Tool in their decision process. And unlike traditional surveys, Roobrik reaches consumers while they are actively researching senior living options on a provider’s website. Every Roobrik client gets access to:


Real-time, exclusive lead reports from prospects choosing to move forward on your website, each with dozens of personalized data points.


Community and corporate level insights that illuminate your hidden audience; who’s coming to your website(s), what they’re concerned about, and how your marketing program is performing overall.


Market insights that help leadership, sales, and marketers alike navigate the path ahead with macro-level performance and demographic trends spanning geographies, levels of service, and prospect profiles.

Detailed Monthly Reports Track Performance

Inform your marketing tactics, shape your strategic plan, and support ROI.

  • Spot traffic trends with conversion funnel metrics.
  • Optimize channels with incremental lead counts.
  • Enrich content strategy guided by your prospects’ biggest barriers.

Macro-Level Data Reveals Trends

Media outlets and non-profits turn to Roobrik for market research and answers to questions like these:

  • Do older adults and family members considering senior living have the same concerns?
  • How do health and lifestyle factors influence attitudes when making a change?
  • Are there regional differences in opinions about age-related housing decisions?


of Providers


of Communities


Families Helped Each Month

What Can Our Data Reveal?

With a hundreds of new user profiles a day, Roobrik offers a broad view of the market.

Data Spotlight:

We recently surveyed senior living buyers about their top barriers to moving forward. Number one by far? Financial uncertainty.

Adults and their families are concerned about the financial impact of paying for care, with 34% saying they are very worried.

Nearly half selected “feeling confident about my financial situation” as one thing that would make their decision easier.

Older adults that opted not to connect with a provider cited the need for financial  information, with 50% looking for cost information and ways to pay for care.

Who Uses the Roobrik Insight Tool?

Prospects who are doing research for themselves may make up a larger percentage of your anonymous audience than you think. In 2021, 36% of prospects engaging with Roobrik tools were self-assessors.
  • 36% - Self-assessors
  • 64% - Other

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